Last update, July 3, 2006.


Applicants, including authors, are recommended to register before May 15, 2006 at the reduced rate.

Registration fee:
Regular 15,000 JPY, Student 5,000 JPY (before and on May15, 2006)
Regular 18,000 JPY, Student 6,000 JPY (after and on May16, 2006)


Conference banquet will be held on July 30 at Matsue Vogel Park.

Banquet fee:
Regular 5,500 JPY, Student 3,500 JPY.


All attendees and guests of the meeting are invited to the exciting one-day excursion round Matsue city, the prefectural capital of Shimane-ken, on Tuesday, August 1st. The tour will be planned to visit Izumo Taisha, one of Japan's most important shrines, and other beautiful spots round Matsue city.

Excursion fee: 5,000 JPY including travel, guided tour, and lunch.
Note: This event is available for anyone whose family member participates in the meeting.

Details of the excursion

The tour bus will depart at 9:30 am from the hotels Matsue Tokyu Inn and Matsue Urban Hotel to Izumo Taisha (one of Japan's most important shrines). The tour will include special visit to the inner sanctuary (honden), in which a sacred symbol is enshrined. Lunch will be served at Shimane Winery ( Request for a vegetarian lunch should be made in advance. After lunch, the tour will visit Hinomisaki lighthouse ( After the tour, the bus will take the participants to the Izumo Airport (arrive at 15:20) and the Matsue Station (arrive at 16:00).

If you would like to choose a vegetarian meal for the lunch, please send an email message to with one line in the subject of the message: a vegetarian meal. The email should be sent by the deadline of a registration of the excursion.

Excursion Registration Deadline : June 25, 2006

Link to registration page:

On-line registration has been finished on July 3rd. If you have missed the on-line registration, please make your registration and payment at the venue during the conference.

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